Custom Dice

Hand Crafted, Custom Metal Dice

Whether your game is D&D, Call of Cthulu, Blades in the Dark, or Deadlands, there’s always one inescapable truth we must all confront… dice are the freaking best!!!

From the way they sound when they’re clacking together in our palms, to the myriad of gorgeous colors and designs, there’s so much to like about a truly kick ass set of TTRPG Dice. But, there’s one thing most of these dice are missing…


For many of us, the process of making a fun, unique, and intriguing character to play is one of the best parts of playing Tabletop Role Playing Games. So, we asked ourselves, “why can’t our dice be like that too?” Thus, the Goblin Forges were lit to craft truly custom dice!

What Do You Mean, Custom?

Precisely what it sounds like! We wanted to be able to give our fellow TTRPGrs the opportunity to create their own sets using our own, propietary crafting options. By giving you the choices of color, number design, and high number icon we provide our Goblin community with the ability to mix and match multiple, unique combinations of shinies!


We also thought of the Dragons out there that covet something that’s literally one of a kind. Therefore, we also created the option of being able to apply your own high number icon. What’s more, we did so without forcing our hoard-obsessed Gobs from blowing their entire gaming budgets on a single set of dice!


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