Goblin Lore

Surprisingly, yes. Some Goblins do keep crude records. We were shocked too…

Origins of the Artisan Dice Goblins

It’s no secret that Goblins have an unshakable affinity for “rolling the bones.” They love to hear the sound of them clacking together in their palms before skittering over a flat surface to land (hopefully) high side up.

Goblins like us. Throughout our own games, there’s only been one thing more fun than creating characters that will probably never get played… goofing around with our dice. Whether it be clattering them together in your hand before rolling for damage, or letting your Bard blow on the D20 for good luck before a clutch ability check roll, or even stacking them up while you wait for your turn to RP or fight (you know who are, looking at you here Jerry), dice are more than just a mechanic of the game, they’re a HUGE part of the fun!

Because of that love, we wanted to try our hand at making our own. But, not just any single sets of dice would do. No, we were compelled to create something that appeals to the special sense of individuality we can experience in these deliciously complex games. We decided to pursue that sense of uniqueness by giving our community the tools to craft their own, custom metal dice. Something that has proven to be difficult and particularly expensive to acquire in most, if not all, cases.

So, in a tiny forge in the foothills of Colorado, a gaggle of Goblin Smiths have banded together to craft some one-of-a-kind “shinies.”

How It Works

Choose A Design

Choose from an ever expanding library of font designs to engrave your custom set of dice with.

Choose A Material

From Veridium, to Adamantite, to Mithril. You pick which material matches with your chosen design.

Add Your Icon

Pick one of our icons for your dice’s high numbers, or upload your own to make your dice truly unique.